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In our training, we emphasize solid and consistent foundation skills.

Our handling system is a clear and defined system of how we teach you to run your dog. This system is simple and clear with no contradictions.

The two goals of our system are to:

  1. Teach you to get around the course as quickly as you can while still gaining the best performance from your dog.
  2. To teach you how to get your dog to take the tightest and most direct path possible.

Our system has 3 basic rules:

  1. Always keep your eye on your dog.
  2. Use the arm and leg nearest to your dog to direct it.
  3. Face the way the dog is going until it is fully committed to an obstacle.

Sounds too simple, I know, but hey, there it is.

For safety and consistency, we teach a controlled exit from all contact obstacles, a targeted two on two off with a release word. We have had dogs go their entire career and have never been faulted by a judge for their A-frame or dogwalk contacts.

Each of our dogs has taught us some very specific lessons, lessons that we attempt to pass on to our students.

"We don't always get the dog we want but we do get the dog we need"

MX MXJ Amber Crystal Lace UCD, UCDX

Shadrach CGC

MACH4 PACH Izy Busy Bee "Bee"

MACH Barwood Okies Sasasfras "Sassy"

MACH Next Generation Clean Run "Q"

MACH Boston Legal's Dannie Crane

MX MXJ Long Tone "Dash"

NA Short Tone"Dot"

Inigo Rocinante "Roci"


We're raising the bar for Agility in Oklahoma"

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